Saturday, August 15, 2009

Repent Sinner!

YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE THE WHOLE CAKE! Sami is right and Julia is right! (And Claire is right about the frosting -- it is really rich). And see -- if you had made the entire cake, you would have had a magnificent, show-stopping masterpiece to serve your guests rather than a crumbly novelty cake. I suspect it was crumbly because: (a) your oven is too hot (see Apple Pie pics) and (b) you need to learn to read recipes. I know -- you just think you know everything there is to know about cooking and you don't need to read no stinkin' recipes. I read them over and over again before I even start. Probably more because I forget everything I read about 2 seconds later . . .
I did forget to tell you what kind of chocolate I used for the frosting. The semi-sweet was Ghirardelli Semi. The milk was plain old Hershey's.
Man, I'm looking forward to the Brownies already. I'm stopping by Michael's on my way home tonight to buy cellophane. I'm going to individually wrap them and shove them into my purse. Maybe I can get the guy at the counter at the driving range to give Natalie an extra bucket of balls or something useful like that.

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